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Equipped with apartment and home-style buildings,

Arbor Park encourages you to create the home that fits you.

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  • This building is in an apartment setting with one bedroom and ample efficiency style units. This building is home to Arbor Court and many common areas, bringing the warmth of a smaller home to our largest apartment building. 


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  • These three buildings are in a home-setting with 10 units surrounding the living spaces and separate full kitchen for each building. The sunroom makes for a great place to rest in the sun or step into the outdoors, and the fireplace adds the comfort of home.

Birch, The Oaks, & Pines

  • 331, 352, or 413 Square Feet

  • Features:

    • Kitchenette

    • Efficient Living Space

    • Full bathroom.

    • Full room is accessible

    • Floor-plan depicts an example unit, layout varies with size.


  • 504 Square Feet

  • Features

    • Full kitchen

    • Dining & living space

    • Full bathroom

    • Full room is accessible.

One Bedroom

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