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Daily Wellness Program

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 We promote our staff and residents to get out and walk, stretch, and dance whenever they want. We schedule planned exercise classes for those who want a structured routine, but our staff is always available to assist in getting active whenever you would like!

Social Hour

Arbor Park loves to get social. With daily social times, meals, activities, and parties, there are plenty of opportunities for our residents to mingle and form relationships with other residents and our staff members.  

Individual Engagement

Our activities team is just as skilled as they are passionate about working with residents. Optional one on one time helps our team learn about the residents to better their care and create lasting relationships. 


Arbor Park values hobbies and creative expression. We make opportunities for you to engage in your hobbies, and learn some new as well! With art, baking, games, music, and more, you will always have a chance to engage in meaningful activities.  

Bible Study & Services

Having the opportunity to connect with all important aspects of your life is something Arbor Park knew we wanted to offer. If your faith is something you pursue, we hold services and small group bible studies, right here in our facility. 


We never miss an opportunity to throw a party! With birthday's and holidays happening every month, we always have a reason to celebrate. 

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