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Our Vision

Our vision is a vibrant, living community where every individual finds a true sense of  home and happiness.


Where the surroundings are warm, and nature is only a step outside to a garden filled yard. Where the food is nourishing to the heart. as well as health. Where laughter is the best medicine, and each resident's care comes first.

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  • To create an environment filled with the comfort of home.

  • To inspire purpose in each resident's day. 

  • To help each resident live to their fullest.

  • To put each resident's care first. 

  • To welcome each family with friendship and support. 

Arbor Park Assisted Living Center is built on four acres of the old Romke Farmstead in North Moorhead. It is surrounded with mature trees, the old grain elevator and working tractor still decorate the spacious grounds. The facility opened 20 rooms for assisted living in 2005, expanded to 30 rooms in 2011, and in 2018 built its beautiful new building to add 27 more apartments, central dining room, spas, and amenities. 


Our Mission

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